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Some men have considered meeting their soul-mate abroad.But, there are many reasons why this should be discouraged.

First, let's examine the main reasons why some men attempt to marry a foreign woman.
1- More than anything, he's tired of being abused by The American Women.  (or, The European Women).

2- Most domestic women are too picky.  Men often realize that lesser women are too selective, as well.  So true, that she might turn him down, even if his appearance is 100% suitable. The same rule applies, even if he's better looking.   Perhaps, the woman simply believes that she could "do better".

3- the idea of meeting 'old fashioned' women is vastly overrated. Most men don't really care about these things. However many domestic women don't wanna settle down and start a family. Although this gives rise for suspicion.  It's almost as if Mainstream Media has brainwashed them.

4- Here's The Main Reason: It's rarely discussed, but, foreign agencies have better software compared to American Dating Sites, such as, or   In other words, it's simply easier to chat with women via foreign agencies.
     For instance:  IF you're browsing through profiles, a foreign lady might place you onto her "favorites list".  And, if you visit her profile again, she will then place you to her 'admirers list'.  Therefore, you already know beforehand that she may be interested in Chatting with you.

     So, here's a simple solution:  Dating Agencies in the USA must completely change their software.  Currently, most American dating sites are not User-Friendly.  Literally speaking, thousands of strangers are thrown into a chat-room, and, everyone tries to fend for themselves.  Needless to say; it's an unproductive way of meeting your soul-mate.

5- The Media hugely influences the dating scene.  They create suspicion between the genders.  Thus forcing men to consider alternatives.

6- After receiving a daily dose of Feminized crap; most men feel betrayed by women.
Here's The Solution:   simply remove it from mainstream media.

7- Some men try to avoid Stuck-up women.  Or, high maintenance expenses.

8- The media has really harmed relationships between men & women.   Aside from flat-out extremism, there are additional factors.   The dogma of "sexual harassment' is a classic example.  The Media uses this dogma in order to deliberately divide the genders. 

9- regrettably, some men are trying to marry a young woman.   He's merely seeking a woman who's half his age.

Okay,  those are a few major reasons why men marry foreign women.
NOW, let me explain why it's not such a wonderful idea.

First, If you're searching through thousands of profiles; be warned that most foreign ladies have temperamental personalities.   Partially because the internet attracts those with flawed behavior..  And, you won't be able to recognize her flaws, when chatting through internet.

2nd:  White women are notorious for her vanity.  But, few realize that foreign girls are also conceited.   (YIKES).   And, when European men visit foreign lands,  he's shocked to learn this.

3rd:  Regarding 'money & finances'; Women overseas are more demanding than European women.  This seems impossible to believe; yet very true nonetheless.    You wouldn't think that a poor woman would expect a lot from men.  But, in truth, their attitudes are totally unrealistic.
  Here's a typical example:  An Australian man begins corresponding with a Filipino woman.    Within two weeks, he begins sending money to her.  And, this continues every week thereafter.   At the time, his girlfriend was only earning 8 Australian Dollars per week.  But, she expected him to give nothing less than 80 AUS Dollar's on a weekly basis.  Even then, she believed that the amount was too small.    Honestly, this is a typical case.  {It's the rule, and not the exception}.  The Foreign women will destroy your entire life's savings.  And, you'll regret ever trying to meet your soul-mate overseas. 
     You'd think that a poor woman would be humble. But, in fact, they have no concept of responsibility, whatsoever.

3b- Worse yet, the foreign women are very ungrateful.   Even though, her European boyfriend can barely afford to make his own monthly payments.  In most cases, he's forced to cut back on personal expenses, in order to support her. Plain and simple: He gives too much money, but the woman doesn't appreciate this generosity.

4-  Foreign girls are socially constructed to regard sex as her #1 weapon.  SO, for this reason alone, you'd be a lot better off marrying a European women.  

5- Foreign girls are raised to establish close friendships with one another.   Adolescents will hold hands, wherever they go.   And, when she grows into adulthood; the attitude carries onward.   It's rare for a foreign women to go anywhere, without being accompanied by friends.
    For example:  Let's suppose, she lives 1/4 mile from the beach.   Despite this proximity, she will never walk alone to the shore.   This has Nothing to do with fear of safety.   But instead, she's been socialized to control social interaction.   Not surprisingly, this becomes harmful to the woman later on.   But, the initial goal was to the sake of feminine bondage.
So, with all said; there's a similarity between foreign women and European.

6-  Women abroad will share every secret with friends and family.  This includes relationships & sex life.  Also, if you share any secrets; this information will be freely exchanged.

7-  A warning to any man who's dating a Foreign woman:  If you have any disagreement with her; her friends will also get involved into the debate.  Does this sound familiar?

8-  Here's an issue we'd prefer not to discuss.  Women abroad have physical shortcomings.  You could meet someone next door who's vastly more beautiful.  You might be better off dating the least attractive woman from within your country, rather than choosing the best-looking woman abroad.   It's plain & simple.  European women are the best choice.  Factors such as hair, eyes, skull, and  height, all sway toward her favor.  Amazingly, European women also offer the most diverse array of physical types.

 9- This might be somewhat controversial, but European women have the nicest figures.  She is the shapeliest, loveliest, and most sexually appealing.   (We will not go into specific details).

 10-  Most importantly;  You're totally incompatible with a foreign women.  You have nothing in common whatsoever with women abroad.  They have unusual customs, different beliefs, and a completely different way of life.   This is not meant to degrade her native ideals.  But, European men are NOT compatible with women abroad.

11-  Many foreign ladies are too old-fashioned. And, you cannot possibly relate to them.   Although, we've been taught that previous generations showed more respect for men; This is Not true.  Back then, women were easily offended.  This is still true in foreign countries.  Foreigners regard Sports Illustrated as pornographic.  Combine this with untold similar beliefs.   You will simply hate living with a Victorian woman.

12- In many countries, their women are raised to be [modest] and body-conscience.  Would you really wanna marry this type of woman?  Certainly not.

 13-  Most foreign women place top priority on their immediate families, not their husband.  Her biggest goal is to assure safety and quality living for parents, sisters, cousins and distant relatives.  You didn't know that, did you?  The agencies falsely lead you to believe that her husband is top priority.

13b- When it comes to matters within her family; the foreign woman will Always choose helping immediate family members before husband.  (But, no one ever told you this).

14-  The cost and effort necessary to meet women abroad is enormous.   There are many factors, such as corresponding, cellular expenses, cost of agencies, traveling, and text messaging.  Also, the paperwork alone could take hundreds of hours, along with months of waiting and fees.   So, meeting a foreign girl is more expensive than ever imagined.    (and, this effort yields a 2nd Rate spoiled brat)

15- Most of the ladies are too damned exotic.   Marrying her would cause permanent stress & embarrassment in your life.  This might sound harsh. But you should be aware of these pitfalls.

16- Surprisingly, most Foreign ladies are disrespectful.   (although, not in the same way as Domestic Women).  For example:
--They'll telephone you at their own convenience, not yours.
-- She'll ask for money without prior notice.  Thus, forcing you to make an immediate trip to Western Union.
 --She'll involve you in all her family problems.
--Foreign Women try making you feel guilty just because you have more than them.
--They're wasteful with resources.   She also refuses to validate his financial burdens.
Bottom Line:  Foreign women do not solve to your problems.

17-  Virtually all Foreign women withhold vital information on their profiles.  There are too many examples to list.  But, please be assured;  her actual appearance will not even remotely resemble the photograph.   Please be aware of this.   She will look totally different than the picture submitted to the agency.  It's insane.   ...and, downright nervy.  She'll also lie about her weight, height, whether or not she already has child, living status, residence, family problems, personality disorders.   You're truly on your own, when meeting these women.

18- Some guys meet foreign women, merely because he enjoys traveling.   But, most trips are dangerous.  You're freedoms are restricted immensely.  And, you're NOT allowed to wander freely.
     Also,  you cannot settle in most these countries without a lengthy legal process.   So, these foreign lands don't offer the same freedoms as Western Civilization.

 19-  (THE CLINCHER) You're probably not aware; but: -Woman's Groups are active throughout the world.   Their presence is felt within most countries.   SO, chances are; your foreign girlfriend has been exposed to feminist dogma.  And, we're not merely referring to basic political agenda.   These foreign women are quite similar with Feminazi's (including the worst names).
   .....So, there you have it !!
 If you're seeking a  woman who's been untarnished by Activism; you're not gonna find her.    (The only women who are unfamiliar with Feminism simply don't have access to computers/ or Internet-cafe's).
(footnote:  don't confuse Feminism with equality.  These Women's Groups are Hate Mongers. And, we've seen them everywhere; from Columbia to The Philippines.  Feminazi's merely encourage Women to stick together as a group.  And, Foreign women are already aware of their presence.  -Sorry to break the News.)

So, now you're aware of the inevitable pitfalls.
This Article will save you years of headaches, and $60,000 dollars out-of -pocket.
So, you wanna marry  a foreign girl ?  Don't do it !  Don't do it !   You'll be sorry.
There's no alternative.
If you're really seeking a different woman, then consider meeting a Christian Girl.
Yes, go meet a religious woman within your own country. 
(however, be warned:    Whenever meeting a reserved lady, there are many disadvantages).
 Or, marry any woman inside your nation.  Because, there are no alternatives.

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